Volume-editor in renoise


While using fasttracker, i always used the implemented “volume”-editor. You could select a part of a wav and choose what percentage of volume you wanted to extract to it. With renoise, however, i gotta go out into windows to use cool-edit. ;)

Please, Renoise-developers, put this feature into the next release!


another volume-related feature I miss switching from FT2 to ReNoise is the volume ramp editor: that simple window you accessed to by pressing CTRL/SHIFT/ALT+V, in which you can insert the initial and final % of volume, and FT2 would have multiplied every line for an interpolated values between these two.

note. this is not the same of interpolation already available in ReNoise!

This is very useful for who is using multilayered samples (Akai, NKI, SF2, FXP, and so on), because the track volume envelope does not affect velocity. As an alternative, you could implement the velocity envelope which I have already suggested twice before.

@ IT-alien

I really miss this feature to :D :D