Volume Faders Can't Be Used For Mixing

Here’s the problem. Neither the Pre or Post faders can be used to do volume fades which seems to kind of defeat the object of having them.


To demonstrate in the example file, fading out a guitar loop with a distortion insert and reverb on a send:

Track 1: Fading down the Pre Fader as the volume reaches -10db the distortion on the guitar starts to disappear.

Track 2: Using the Post Fader. Can’t be automated so has been set at 0. Reverb still sounds.

Track 3: Using a Gainer before the send. The fade now works in the same way as normal mixer.

So call me old fashioned but I’d prefer to use the faders rather then the small gainer slider in the insert chain which at 0db is only around a quarter its range.


Not sure. Maybe only have one volume fader, or change the routing of the post fader and make it so it can be automated?