Volume In Sampler

Hi there.

I have an idea about improving a bit sampler’s volume the way it works in, lets say, WaveLab or AdobePremiere or AfterEffects [sample timeline].

For now [afaik] in Renoise it is possible to raise or lower volume of marked part of sample. Here is what I meant [I created quick mockup of Wavelab & Rns snapshots]:

Or what do you think about expanding Instrument Editor with SAMPLE WAVEFORM that would be displayed on the layer under the window on the top-left [volume, panning, pitch]? That would allow visually viewing what part of the sample is raised or lowered its volume [or pan / pitch]? You can add a small button that will expand sample’s lenght and volume timeline in Instrument Editor.

Actually, the basic idea would be having vector dots over the Sample Waveform, either in Instrument Editor or Sampler :]

layering the instrument envelopes over sample waveforms would be really interesting in theory, but this information would be dependent on BPM value and note pitch, so that it would turn into a mess, unless you are into speedcore.

[edited] ah, nevermind.

Well, the envelopes could be dynamically scaled according to BPM/NotePitch. It just require “timing linked” mode option. I don’t see any big problems with the suggestion, the linking is natural, just like automation is linked to BPM.

I would say the question has got a million of solutions. If we got new xRNI structure then we got a matrix of meta and audio data, and we need totally new GUI for it. I assume we can have a whole hierarchy of volume envelopes. Which of them pitch linked is another question.

As Zed said. This would be no problem at all with a new RNI structure.
Then you could add as many envelope devices you want.
You can add global/master devices to the entire instrument, but you can also add devices to each sample in the instrument.
And yes, there really should be an option to turn on/off the envelope-synchronization to BPM. I wonder why we cant do this already…

btw… being able to add several envelope devices in the same chain has huge advantages as well.
Lets say you wanna make a instrument that fades slowly out as long as the key is sustained, but at the same time when you release the key then it should fade much faster.
To do this you simply add two envelope devices. One device without sustain enabled you draw a nice long fading curve. In the next envelope device you insert sustain at the beginning. Then draw a fast decaying/fading curve.
Renoise will simply add these two devices together.