Volume Info

when i add an info in the volume column right beside the note…how can i get rid of it without deleting the note?

(read the manual) …move the cursor to the volume column & press delete… (read the manual)

excuse me , that doesnt work for me here.
im on a macbook. so there is no delete button, only backspace and cmd-x, but i connected a regular keyboard with a delete button and it didnt work either. somehow i can manage to delete NOTE AND VOLUME/EFFECT COLUMN, but not the VOLUME OR EFFECT COLUMN WITHOUT THE NOTE in order to leave the note where it is.

I find the manual confusing as i cant find an index or a search function.
In the short cuts, i find a key command for editing a column but as said, “delete” either deletes bot not and volume value or nothing happens

Whoops sorry then… just pretend I didn’t say anything :unsure:

Try the input box at the top of this page: http://tutorials.renoise.com/

Fn+Backspace does a delete on the MacBook.

  • Enable EditMode (Hit Escape -> Red Border shows around the Pattern Editor)
  • Navigate with the arrow keys to the volume
  • Hit Delete (or FN + Backspace)

yes, that was it. thanks!

The missing EditMode or the Fn+Delete stuff? Would be important to know what stopped from finding this out by yourself, to be able to make this better…

Added to the manual now.
Any other handy keycombo’s to describe missing keyboard keys on the Mac configurations?

On full size Mac keyboards we are using the “Help” key as insert key (thats key right above the delete key - as it is on the PC). There is no “real” insert key on Mac keyboards.

Also there are a few different default global key bindings on the Mac:

// Mac specific:
Application->Quit, Command + Q

Application->Preferences…, Command + “,”

Application->Hide Renoise, Command + H
Application->Hide all others, Command + Alt + H

// Mac cosmetics:
Document->Redo, Command + Shift + Z

// Control + Tab on the Mac is what Alt + Tab is on Windows:
View->Focus Next View, Alt + Tab
View->Focus Previous View, Alt + Shift + Tab

// Macs have no Numpad Scroll Key, but a Numpad =
Song Control->Toggle Follow Pattern, Command + Numpad=
Song Control->Toggle PatternWrap, Shift + Numpad=