Volume Interpolation

I can’t get volume interpolation to work.

I posted a little flash video here of what’s happening.

I click on the interpolate buttons and they just do nothing.

see video.



it does not work in your case because you are using an invalid end volume value: volume range goes from 00 to 80 (hexadecimal, which is equal to 128 decimal), so 90 is not a valid value.

the rest of your procedure is correct.

when you’re entering values/patterncommands check out the bottom left corner, here Renoise will give the minimum and maximum values.

thanks a lot.

you guys are god.

I was just used to putting FF or F0 as the end value (cause all the old school DOS trackers i’m used to use hex).

I think if you use the CXX pattern command you can still interpolate between 00 and ff.