Volume Issue

Is there a way to increase the master volume of the song without destroying the quality? (Like when you increase the volume of some good loudspeakers, but the quality remains the same). Maybe an outside program?

renoise works internally at 32 bits, so you should not have any issue when raising the volume, until you render to WAV with 16 bit quality: increasing the volume for a 16bit WAV will loose precision.

clipping is an entirely different problem: if you clip and don’t use a compressor, quality will be lost regardless of the bit depth. Renoise has a built-in compressor available as a track DSP

Thanks a lot. I now have the perfect quality 32bit WAV version of my song, but when i try to increase it’s volume with Wavousaur, the quality is destroyed. How can I increase the song’s volume, lets say, for +8db without losing its quality?

i guess what you are after is a mastering compressor, to pump up the overall volume-feel.

Before exporting from Renoise, use the Bus Compressor on the master channel (remember to set the post gain fader to 0 db), and tweak it to your liking (demands practice).

or, download or buy a mastering compressor, like the Waves L3 or something.

Oh I know what you need to do… turn up your speakers! :D

I usually also shoved all the EQ faders of the stereo all the way up in the past.
It sounded like shit, but at least it was very loud :P

Thanks guys. The external compressor I just downloaded is working perfectly. I love Renoise more now ;) Thanks again.

Try Renoise’s internal Maximizer. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Yes, maximizer can do a lot for your sound, especially after slight compression

on a side note, if you really need to raise your mix by 8db, there is high chance that you did something wrong with the volume levels in the song

Yeah, this is true. When I work on Renoise, instead of loudspeakers I connect my PC with my guitar amplifier which sounds better and louder. The amplifier’s volume knob doesn’t work when connected to PC (it’s set to maximum) so I have to decrease my computer’s master volume on minimum. But sometimes, I don’t do it enough (lower the volume). And this sometimes leads to a volume level confusion on my head. I have to pay the price later.

Sounds Better??? Isn’t a guitar amp built to amplify guitars and by that means mainly the important frequency range of a guitar? I Tried to hook up my Korg MS2000 to a guitar amp some years ago and it sounded like shit to be honest. Thing is, there is a big difference between digital amplitude and sound preasure level. If digital audio is treated well and the dynamic range is used in an optimal way then the only limit is your loudspeakers. Get a pair of proper reference monitors and crank it instead.

Oh no, no. The amp has two inputs, one for guitar and the other for CD player, computer and stuff like that. Sometimes I connect my synth with amp through guitar input just to mess around, but that’s all.


What’s the difference between gainer and maximizer?

a gainer “blindly” adds volume to a source, while a maximizer tries to obtain the loudest volume without clipping

Ok ok, but then what’s the difference between a compressor and a maximizer? Cause a compressor adds volume and tries to prevent clipping too, doesn’t it?


Meow, look: compressor is a dynamical instrument… firstly it’s changes transiets of your audio material, and after that depending on “treshold” and “gain” - your output volume… If you just need only raise the volume level you should use the maximizer!

Maximizer=Compressor=Limiter by principles of work…