Volume Lfo In Instrument Editor

It seems like the volume LFO in the Instrument Editor behaves oddly when stacked with an envelope.

for example:
-load chipSine instrument that comes with renoise
-change the volume envelope to a single point and set it to 50%
-play a note and notice the overall volume
-now turn one of the LFOs on with settings such as frequency 20, amount 02

The volume is reduced drastically, when one might think it would just start fluctuating by “02”

My expectation was that the LFO would use the current envelope location as its zero point and oscillate around that, but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

My apologies if I’m misunderstanding the intended functionality and if this has already been addressed elsewhere.

yes, the current implementation of the LFO is not additive. it is a major flaw of the current XRNI, if you ask me. XRNI structure will be completely redesigned in the future, and LFO’s will surely be a part of it