Volume, Panning

Maybe I’ve had to many beers by now,
but I wanted to work on a song I made with Renoise 1.2.8 (or older)
and I can’t find the volume and panning collums anymore in the tracks.

I tried to let them appear again but no success…

even on the wikidipikidie pedia site I can’t get a rietsiepie

if I’ve understand what’s happened, I think the only way to work around this is to open the song with RNS1.28 and add the columns.

just curious, what happened? are these collums only present in 1.5 for compatibility reasons?

no, it’s more a sort of visual issue: it should be due to the fact that tracks with no panning, volume and command columns are treated differently in 1.2 and 1.5 versions