Volume Readings


I have a small technical question about Volume Reading

in Renoise

So here’s a small setup 1 track 1 sample no FX no sends and of course the master track

if track 1 and master are at 0dB, the volume readings look the same

if i lower both track 1 and master to -10dB (for example) track 1 volume reading is higher than master

So I am wondering why that is (probably a very simple explanation, but i am curious)

(also in both scenarios VU show track1 at around 0dB and Master at -10dB)

On a somewhat related note, it would be nice to be able to move multiple volume sliders at the same time in the Mixer, so that they keep the same relationship to one another. A friendly suggestion, I love Renoise, keep up the good work!


Have a look athttp://tutorials.renoise.com/wiki/Mixer#Pre.2FPost_Volume_and_Panning_Concept

Each track has Pre and Post volume adjustments.

Think of the sound as flowing left to right, with the sound getting adjusted by each device along the way.

So the VU on the track shows it after it’s passed through the first volume adjustment. The VU on the master shows its level after the sound flowing into it from track 1 is adjusted again.

You could route the output of a track elsewhere, but by default it will go through the master track.