"volume Slide Up/down" And "volume Slice"

I’m an italian renoise user (btw: sorry for my bad english :))
I have a question regarding the “volume slide down/up” and “volume slice” pattern effect commands.
… I’ve tried these commands, but it seems nothing happens!! I do not ear any difference! can anybody help me?
Thanks a lot!!

bye, phila

PS: I’ve tried to search for any similar post, but I didn’t find anything (or maybe I did a wrong search lol)!

It would depend on the VST and on the patch you use, because of the envelopes it won’t always work.
Those effects are mainly for samples. Try them with a sample, I’m sure you’ll get a result. Volume slice is very useful, you can cut your sound after one tick. I find it handy… I used to use it alot also with IT (SCx) :D

Not mainly, only.