Volume Slide


Im trying to get a crescendo on one of my tracks. I’m trying to use the effects codes, but no matter what I enter - It doesn’t work.

First I tried entering 9F in the volume row which the manual says is a Volume slide up at speed F. It did nothing. So I though it was a speed problem and changed it to 90. Still nothing,

So then I tried to enter 0664 in the Effect row. Which would do a Volume Slide up at speed 64. It did nothing. Neither did any other speed number I tried.

What should I do?

I really don’t want to manually enter volume settings in each row from 01 to 40, that takes too long and looks too messy.

Best way is first setting volume to 00 and use 06xx (speed 00-64) in effect columns in every line you want it. Else first set 00 and then on following lines use 9F.

Sorry for being so quick, gotta go :)

Aaah I got it to work. Thanks. The volume needed to be on. I had it at 0.

Sorry for being dumb.