[ ] Vote For Option To Run Renoise In One Instance Only

Ye, after browsing in the Song forum i got this crappy behaviour.

1.) I download a Renoise Track and doubleclick on that.

2.) Renoise gets started, and plays the track. So far so good.

3.) I download another Renoise track.

4.) A 2nd Instance Starts up and then Renoise brings up this pop-up:

5.)after clicking on the OK button, the first Renoise starting like crazy and the Sound is been playing like freezed.

6.) So i have to close the 1st Instance, to hear the track on the 2nd instance.

7.) After checking Renoise’s Audio Device it has been reseted to DirectSound, so i have to switch it manually back to ASIO

Ye… annoying.

use ctrl+o and browse to the file.

oh and renoise should be able to have .xrns dragged into it’s window and load the file.

this does not happen with my soundcard: if I am using ASIO, the first instance uses ASIO to play, while the others use DirectSound.

yeah, this is probably soundcard driver related.