Vowel Filter in 3.1

Hey Guys,

Potentially most noob question ever, but where is the Vowel filter in 3.1?

I’ve looked through all the modes on the filter devices and I can’t seem to find it.



You can find it in the instrument editor, modulation tab filters selection. Also inside the chorus dsp device as filtering option.

Thanks mate, much appreciated.

It’s also in the flanger. I found that the vowel filter is pretty awesome, i use it all the time, not just for vowel making, but for all kinds of sounds.

Not shure why it’s not with the more regular filters, it fits well with chorus and flanger, but i’d love to see it in the multitap delay too. :dribble:

Yes, I also wonder that it seems to been forgotten to put to the filter device :frowning: could be a type in the digital one,

and best Introduced in final 3.1!!!. Since the filter is new, wouldn’t hurt to fix songs made so far…

This was one new feature I was totally looking forward to use.

Totally agree with adding it to future multitap, too.

A workaround is using a Chorus device set to all wet without delay or modulation.

6460 allwet chorus filter.xrnt

It would be cool to have a more configable vowel filter device.

The reso and drive controls are kind of cool. It sounds a lot like a talkbox, kind of gritty dirty. But I’d like some more action for certain sounds. It is very static, always the same voice charakter, and impossible to do soft transitions between vowels that aren’t neighbours on the slider range.

One Idea would be to have a transpose slider, to pitch up/down the formants. Cool for those mickey or growler style effects.

Another: have a look at the zynaddsubfx formant filters. There you can configure the peaks yourself, i.e. to create own vowels of vowel stylings, i.e. from voice analysis data. A nice Idea to have the ability to configure a number of vowels, and then place them on a slider that will interpolate between them, or even on an xy-pad like many standard vowel filters do in a fixed manner.