Vsnares Ripoff

Hello people,

been playing with some stereotype breabbeat/d&b samples today & made this loop basically…but now my ears are numb for listening it nonstop on the headphones. Need to know the lowdown on the bass, check it here :




Very nice work… Love the beats… I really like what you’ve done with the melodies, but I’m not sure I always like the alternating stereo effect you’ve used on some of them. It’s a nifty effect that I don’t often hear… but I’m not sure it fits in with the rest of the track at times. Just a thought though. Other than that, great work! Keep it up :P

[edit] Oh… and I wouldn’t go calling your work a ripoff of someone elses, even if you were trying to immitate them. Breakcore is an entire genre, and VS isn’t the only one doing it. A ripoff would be if you actually ripped off his melodies or beats, and I’m pretty sure you didn’t rip his melodies, or manage to map out his beats enough to rip them off ;) [/edit]

The sub bass is killer!

I’m feeling this track is a bit muddy? Like a lot of 8-bit static squashing the sound or something? Could be “brighter” if I had a choice.

Cool stuff as usual.

sorry, but for me you are the new bogdan. i dont think its ‘vsnarish’.
i like your stuff.

yeah- I’m not hearing the v-snares in there either… this is more lo-fi, dirty and teched out dnb than it is f****ed up, stupid fast artsy uber detailed gabber (not saying either is a bad thing).

cheers guys!

“sorry, but for me you are the new bogdan”


shite yeah - this is so much more bogdan than snares.
what ever happened to that boy anyway?

He is still active: http://www.bogdanraczynski.com

i hear more kid606 than Vsnares, especially in the bass melody and bubblier, less f****ed up beats.

nice work. :ph34r:

Great work, this is the type of music i would like to be able to make :D

I hope you get around to finishing this. Some excellent rhythms and nicely used dirty-sounding synths.

hmmm evil kids…, 16bit violence. :yeah: