VST Auto Suspend ON by Default

Just noticed that if you add a VSTi in Renoise 3 b3 it wont have the Auto Suspend option ON by default, like it was in previous Renoise versions.
Is there a possibility to enable Auto Suspend ON by default?

Also, the option to pick which Interpolation a Sample gets on load by Default.

I prefer AutoSuspend OFF by default because some plugins (like my PulseEditor) doesn’t generate any audio output and stops working correctly if Host suspends it.

A better implementation of autosuspend feature that doesn’t check for audio output would be nice.

That’s exactly the reason why it’s disabled for all plugin instruments (not effects). This caused a lot of problems and headaches with various plugins in the past.

I’m not sure how this should be done actually. The only thing a host can check are parameter changes and audio output streams.
Some plugins do need to have parameters keep running (and changing) for it to work properly else autosuspend would interrupt sequencer and LFO flows which you might not want to have ceased.
But in some cases stopping these does not really matter when retriggering the note:which is where the cpu conservation kicks in because the VST plugin ceases to stop processing.Which is a nice feature if it would prevent Renoise from reaching the 80% cpu consumption border where Renoise would start glitching…

Well maybe you should add some option in preferences for checking default state?
Coz for me i prefer it on by default, never had problems.

And i use VSTi / VST super heavily in most of my tracks, so any 1% of CPU consumption reduction is kinda needed…