Vst Automations

Hi guys, I’m a new user of Renoise. :D

This tracker is really good, but I can’t find one of my favourite options: THE AUTOMATIONS.
I’m talking about the way I can “automize” each knobe of my synth (Filters, reso, delay, vol, ecc. ecc.)
Now we can find automations in many softwares, Cubase, FL and also MT2 has that option.
Do you know if is that possible on Renoise?

thanks a lot…
an old Mad Tracker B)


Hello there,
There’s information about automation here http://tutorials.renoise.com/?n=Renoise.RenoiseAutomation
If you want to automate a VST instrument, you add a meta device in the Track DSPs section called VstiAutomateDevice. There you choose what you like to automate.

Wow, great!

It means that I can leave every f****ing horizontal sequencer :dribble: he he he
What can of music do you make Apple?

These were my thoughts exactly when I discovered Renoise.
All sorts of stuff.
I’ll pm you some links. B)

Great man…I’ve just tested the VST automations, and there is also a Midi device.
This tracker rocks ! :yeah: