Vst Building

hi, im currently making my 5th vst [all in sythedit]

but they all feel a bit bodged. not very pro

has any one else made any vst, what programs would u recommend,

hint, tips, etc



looked at reaktor?

reaktor can’t save to VST DLL format.

unless you are having a great idea, programming using the VST SDK in C++ is always the best solution.

you can also try something like max/msp, but I think you need to have the free max runtime installed to be able to use the exported .dll’s as vst(i).
Max might provide an easier interface with the modular setup to construct plugins opposed to programming from scratch…

i have tried max/msp … it sucks compared to reaktor and/or synthmaker’s modular system/interface.

synthmaker is even able to save as standalone or vst/vsti.

and the best part is, you can even alter some code portions of your work.

but the gui stuff is pissing me off. making a gui for my crap,
allthough synthmaker even has a modular system for guis :)

i didnt like max/msp … i never heard of puredata

IT-Alien is right, the VST SDK is always the best choice if you want “pro” results. But then, you’d really have to be professional about it :wink:

The rest of us are happy with synthedit, because we can program our own DSP/GUI modules in C++ and leave the advanced stuff to the synthedit engine. You can even go down to assembler code level if you want to. Synthedit consume a lot of memory, but that is the only bad thing I can say about it.

Don’t change horses in the middle of the street

cheers for the advice, going to look into vst sdk, as it happens im in the process of learning c++ so should be a challenge worth taking on.

ive got a copy of pure data, but its strange gui freaks me out, although i love the concept. ive seen a couple of musicians dj with it live. i guess its one of those programs you need to dedicate a week[end] to learning.