Vst Chat


I atleast, and im sure the most of you here, spend alot of time inside renoise beeing cut out of the real action that happens on your fancy desktop;), like msn, trillian, etc, so i’ve been thinking about a tiny vst chat program wich u could actually load into renoise and connects you directly to renoise irc channel(?) and where u in turn can chat directly to your coop-mod-making-fancy-buddy, and perhaps even dc over your latest creation.

All vsti’s loaded into renoise always stay ontop until you close them, so im thinking in terms of making it so small that it will actually fit under the “undo"redo” buttons (the tiny open space).

Been considering this idea since ft2, and then in terms of actually implementing an option where u can open, like snake, a window to chat in. And even make a tune coop via the net. (like mentioned before in some previous posts)

And again just an idea, but im sure it aint much hassle for a coder to make a small vst(i) that would work for as a simple chat function.

why dont you just run renoise in windowed mode instead ?

because then a vsti chat would loose its function. :huh:

very neat idea but i guess i’d spend much more time chatting than tracking : )

being online when tracking is just like a disease or something =)

Mad Tracker 2.5 RC3 has a built in IRC chat, although I strongly suspect it’s an anti piracy measure to see who’s using MT2. ;)

another good argument for the devs to actually make a renoise vsti/etc chat :)

Naah. I very much doubt the purpose is monitoring who uses MT2. The IRC client doesn’t blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. <-- and so on. Never mind my silly posts btw :)

Concidering all the regular OHC’s, an irc client inside your tracker is a fantastic feature.

I miss that smiley from CTG, with a guy hitting himself with a huge hammer. It would sure come in handy now. :blink:

Got lots of nice addon-smileys for this forum…

And these…

And ofcourse these: