Vst Compatibility: Csr Classik Studio Reverb

This is my first post and I hope I have posted to the right place. I did search the forums for general help regarding VST compatibility and tried the folder permissions fixes, but the VST will not load.

I just bought the CSR (www.classikstudioreverb.com) and it will not load. I know some VST’s can be tweaked with the “?” button, but that only seems to exist for instrument VST’s and not effects VST’s. Is there a way to set compatibility somewhere I am missing?

If not, take this info and add it to the list of VST’s that won’t work with Renoise (as of now).

BTW, I love this program, and this is coming from a diehard IT fanatic.

The “?” button also exists for effect VST’s but the VST effect has to be in the rack ofcourse.
Did you tried the “Rescan” button and perhaps the “Rescan previous failed plugs” button in the Plug/Misc preferences?

Did you get any resolution on this? I can only see CSR Hall in my renoise directory - can only instantiate it when renoise is running in adminstrator mode. weird.

I’m going to give this a bump. Would really like to get the rest of the reverbs plugins working from the CSR line. I have tried rescanning, to no avai. Any thoughts to why the rest of the CSR plugins won’t show up in my track dsps?

If you only can run these plugs in admin mode it means these plugs are doing something that requires an elevated operating mode.
This can occur for a couple of plugins unfortunately.