Vst Cpu Load...


i was just wondering…

does every vst and vsti add cpu load to renoise?

i mean, during start up it appears that renoise is loading the vst and vsti components… are these loaded into memory?

the reason i ask, is my laptop is not so powerful and i want to maximise its ability. would i be better off deleting the vst plugins i dont reallly use that much, in order to save RAM, or does it not make any difference?

Only when initialised inside the program into an instrument I think, not during startup.

renoise is checking your VST directory for new vst instruments and effects during startup. once that is done, they become available in the respective menu and will NOT utilize system resources unless you actually load them into a song for actual application.

so for example, if you’re writing a song with only samples, it doesn’t matter at all if you have 1 or 1.000 VSTs installed - the CPU load will always be the same, because you’re actually making use of samples only.

great response guys. that has totally cleared it up for me, thanks.

I wonder if startup checking of vst(i) done manually in the preferences instead of automatically, the way it is now would speed up the booting time of renoise considerably. Like fruityloops handles this, just press ‘fast scan’ when you know you’ve installed a new plug and voila, it shows up in the list.

Just disable and enable the vst folder in preferences. Then only new plugins will be scanned and added to the list.

EDIT: that is if you are running renoise when you install new plugins.
I’m not so sure you save much time at all if renoise did not search for new plugins at startup.

yeah, like this

but that has nothing to do with the checking process during program-launch.

“but that has nothing to do with the checking process during program-launch”

exactly, and this is what I’d like to circumvent.

Well… as Bantai said, I was just pointing out a way to bypass the only argument (IMO) for not searching for new plugins when you launch Renoise.

Try rename your vst folder, or disable all vst folders, and see how much more/less time it will take before Renoise is up and running.