Vst Cpu Usage

Something I’ve wanted for a while now is the ability to see what VSTs in the DSP chain are using up how much CPU power (kinda like with the VSTi section)… so i can find the offending VST and zap it in the ass :D

… if there’s already a way to find this out without trial and error, please let me know

You can use the global cpu meter for this, locate your suspicious effect and play a cpu heavy part of your song, then disable the effect and play it again. Now you can calculate the difference between the two runs, not very exact, but it helps.

If I’m not misstaken you can see the percentage if you look at each instrument. At the same location as you select preset and which VST to use.

Beatslaughter: That’s what I was trying to avoid… it takes way too long, and I find myself unsure if the VST is still doing it’s thing (hogging CPU!!!) after I’ve turned it off

Haplo: I was reffering to VST effects and DSPs … not VSTi instruments

i remember me asking for vst-effect specific cpu meter a while ago as well.
of course beatslaughters suggestion works, but it’s a) pretty inaccurate and B) rather tedious.
i’d appreciate the implementation of a vst dependant cpu display as well.


Ahh sorry, read your post too quicly I guess.

no problem ;)

:w00t: This would be too cool.