Vst Difficulties

Hi all,

1: When I’m playing about with automation in the automation tab, sometimes I might have a few automations going on for a particular instrument. How can I temporarily disable any of these so I can try out each in turn? I can select “Delete envelope in current pattern”, but this deletes it, not disables it.

2: I’m using v2.80b2. Previously when I tried to press a key (to sound a note) within a VST plugin’s GUI window, it’d play so I could hear how the instrument had changed. Now I have to keep focusing out of the plugin’s GUI and then back in again. How can I solve this?

3: In the “Instr. Automation” panel, each dropdown can be assigned to a particular parameter of the VST instrument (such as Filter Cutoff or Velocity). There are often dozens, or even hundreds of parameters to try. Is there any shortcut to cycle through these without having to select the dropdown with the mouse and try the next one. This would hours of testing different VST parameters out.

Can’t temporarily mute an envelope afaik, you’ll have to press ctrl+z to reset every envelope back to its initial value, before changing the next.

You have probably accidentally checked the toggle, left below, in the vsti window.

Nope, if you know what parameters you want to change you can use the search field to immediately jump to them. Then there is also an option to only show automated parameters, which saves scrolling. But all of this will hopefully be optimized in future versions!

this, or you are using a bridged plugin. (64bit - > 32bit)

Don’t 100% understand this with the rest of your comment. You can only have one automation in a Pattern. So either you have made multiple patterns, so you could let them play in turn to see what you want, or do you mean Automation/Envelopes outside of Renoise?

One thing I will point you to, and may help, is the 8 Automation Preset buttons (numbered 1-8 under where you draw your automation.) Right click will store your current automation, left clicking will recall it. Might help you in trying out a few variations.

Unfortunately, as of yet, Renoise does not have any Learn feature between VST(i) and the Automation Device. Hopefully soon as it will make finding parameters much easier, especially on the ones that don’t give anything useful names.

Thanks all for comments.

Yes, I was using a bridged plugin. (64bit - > 32bit). Hopefully, this’ll be somehow fixed in future.

You can have more than one automation - like the ‘volume’ and ‘panning’ at the same time. I was hoping for a way to disable these, maybe the same way one would disable tracks in the main sequence editor (allowing solo etc.).