Vst Dll Doesn'T Want To Be Scan By Renoise


I have some troubles with a specific DLL. If I put it in a directory and try to scan it with Renoise, it’s found 0 VST… If I put another DLL, any one, Renoise found 1 VST. This specific VST is completely INVISIBLE for Renoise…
Do you have some Idea ?
You can download the DLL here if you want to try and tell me if it’s working for you…

Did you actually buy this plugin? If you did, then posting your licensed copy for anyone to download on our forum was not really smart to do. I have removed the link just in case.

Even if you just uploaded the demo .dll, you do not have permission to redistribute commercial plugin demos in this way. You should just link people to the Sonnox website instead.

Sonnox plugins (both full versions and demos) require an iLok key.

If you do have an iLok and you’re still having problems with the plugin, then you should probably contact Sonnox support to see if they have any ideas. You can reach them at: support@sonnoxplugins.com