VST editor windows

Would it be a possibility to allow for keyboard editing while a VST editor window is open? With the plugins I’m using, I adjust a lot of slider values accurately with the keyboard, but this doesn’t work in Renoise. On a similar note: Why is it so difficult to drag sliders or press buttons with the mouse when a VST editor window is open? It is as if the response is really slow, and sometimes nothing ever happens. :blink:

Also, is it possible to allow for multiple VST editor windows to be open at the same time?

we have some serious problems with keeping vsti-windows ontop of renoise. right now the situation should actually make gui-interaction with renoise impossible as long a vst window is open, so its rather a bug than a feature ;)… we hope, we’ll find a way to improve this behaviour.

we were already thinking about dockable gui’s in a renoise-pane. that would solve such problems. we’ll keep you informed right here.