Vst Effect On/off


How can I turn a whole vst effect on or off at a certain point?
I want it to be on during the first 2 patterns and then to turn it automaticly off.
But I dont want to automate all the available options in that vst.

Got it!
RMB on the on/off button :D

New question:
Is there a way to gradually turn a VST effect off?
Thanks! :D

Gradually so you don’t get clicks? Thats not possible by just turning on/off devices…
As you said, you can also automate some wet/dry parameter in most vst’s…
But you can also put your vst on a send track. Then automate the send amount (using a send device) in your original track. Or just automate the track volume in the send track (add a gainer device behind the vst in the send track, and then automate the volume of the gainer).
What method to use depends on the vst and the effect you are trying to achieve.

I’ve looked in to it and I dont really get what the send track does… :(
Thanks anyway :)

If you add a send-device in a normal track, then you either split the signal (keep source) or you route the entire signal (mute source) to a send track.
This is usually used to share fx among several tracks (just add send devices in different tracks and route them to the same send-track).

You can also use this to fully control a single vst signal without destroying the source signal.
So if you automate the volume of the track in the send-track (where you put the vst), then you will not also change the volume on your source signal (the signal you had before it went into the vst plugin).

All this depends on what you are trying to achieve…

See more about tracks in general here.