Vst Effects List

?? What do you mean?
By default no plugins have a hotkey.
But if you have a few plugins/devices you constantly add all the time, then you could save a lot of time by having a hotkey added to them

I don’t think that having a (unassigned) shortcut for each and every plugin isn’t the way to go. Even if five hundred were listed, it wouldn’t be enough for some people.

If it was possible to assign a keyboard shortcut for a specific plugin, that would be cool. But it would require the keyboard preferences to list the currently installed plugins instead of generic ones.

Perhaps having a dedicated view for arranging plugin GUI’s could help out with this? Quick access to plugins is definitely something I’ve been missing. But then it would be on a per-song basis and not a global setting.

I’m still not quite sure what you mean here…
Why would you only have hotkeys on a per song basis? What is the point about that? Those must of course be global.
Where ever you have a list of installed plugins/devices you could add that list as a folder in the keys preferences (either the entire list, or just a favorite list… if there will be a favorite list that is).

Hi again Pysj - OK let’s clear things up a bit…
What would you expect to happen when you hit the shortcut for a plugin - should it be added to the end of the DSP (if an effect), or added to the current instrument slot (if instrument), or did you have something entirely different in mind?
One option I think we can rule out is bringing up the plugin GUI by using a shortcut - that doesn’t make any sense, since a song can have multiple instances of the same plugin. For that, a dedicated view would be better.

It will add the device, just like you hit enter in the list of devices.

Middle view please or an option to make it bigger. :)

I have folders, which contain sometimes several hundred or even thousands of samples and i’d really like to view as much as possible in a simple list view, which breaks also to the right and leaves the details away, not only from top to bottom like in the current browser. Kinda like on the screen shown.

I’d be fine with a popup dialog. The main reason i want a bigger browser is actually for the samples, but i’ve thought first it might be nice to have all centralized in one window.

Currently one has the small instrument tab at the bottom view, but if i think about a new bigger instrument editor in a maybe future Renoise version, these settings could be moved to it. An instrument might contain several VSTi maybe and it could of course have a context specific VSTi only mini browser or drop down list. From the main browser one could’ve had doubleclicked and the VSTi would get loaded in the currently selected slot.

I like the idea of having screenshots of VST plugs personally. Renoise looks for a picture file named exactly like the dll filename and shows it in the list. Nothing too complicated. The idea from Pysj to assign shortcuts to quickly insert a most used VST is also useful i think.

If understood you right this browse dialog would be for FX only, this leaves out the instruments. I’d not mind personally, since i only have a few installed, but some folks might like to sort their synths too. Maybe simply add a similar browse button to the current instrument tab too.

Regarding the renaming of plugs Renoise should take care it still loads the song if the plug is named differently at another machine, but i’m pretty sure you’d take care of this anyway, just thought i’d mention it. :)

a quick mockup. should be able to create, rename, delete groups etc.

sort of like psyj’s idea

This sounds pretty good, as long as browsing refers to browsing plug-ins, not the hard disk (hd path could be shown as an option). But how would you access the favourites?

Somewhat related: I’d like a quick access to plug-ins in the current track. The way I know has the problem of requiring scrolling back and forth (especially with multi-parameter plug-ins like EQs) with only a few fx. I’d only need a button that opens the plug-in’s GUI when clicked. I think this can be done in a small box that’d allow changing the order of effects too (just go vertical instead of horizontal lists).

Again, I may have missed something or be out of date :rolleyes:
Cool that you people have interest in this issue!

Well, try out the mixer view. Sounds like it’s exactly what you’re looking for.

Thanks. Making a fool of myself, eh? :P