Vst Expressions

Hi Guys.

I was just wondering something about Orchestral Music and Renoise.
What is the best way to express the sounds of a orchestral vst instrument in Renoise, like Legato Staccato but also stuff like “Overblow” (trumpets).

I know the Meta Devices (MIDI controllers) come in handy, but is there something like this? note expressions etc?

I’m still a beginner to this, just wondering what the easiest way is in Renoise :rolleyes:

It all depends of the sampler and instrument you are using. Usually it’s combination of keyswitches and midi cc’s. Pretty much standard nowadays is articulation (for example legato, different kind of staccatos, pizzicato etc) controlled by keyswitches and volume/expression controlled by mod wheel (midi cc 1). There is sometimes separate midi cc’s for vibrato and other things like flutter or overblowing.

I usually dedicate separate track to keyswitches (and force instrument output to certain track in instrument settings) and use Instr. Midi Control device with automation curves.

Note expression is only supported by VST3 and Renoise doesn’t support that at the moment.

Ahh ok, what exactly is a “keyswitch”?

Yes the usual stuff is pretty easily controllable (legato etc), however it seems that “overblow” is hard to find, it would be awesome to make trumpets sound more “action” ish.

A keyswitch template is a library pack that has a split range of keys on the keyboard (usually the lowest octaves) where you send a note from this octave and then a different articulation layer will be played with the samples that are assigned to keys in the higher split range.
Usually the instrument preset describes itself whether it is a keyswitch preset or not.

I don’t know what VST3 note expression is, but usually VST2 compatible libraries use CC#11 to control the expression MIDI parameter.

an everchanging, dynamic use of expression is fundamental in creating a convincing orchestral sound, and in Renoise there is nothing better/easier than using MIDI velocity, CC and aftertouch to achieve this

I think i know what u mean, some vst instruments has a few blue piano keys in the lower octaves, and some red ones for example in the higher ones. or something like that.

Yes this is true.

yes, that are the keyswitches. in the image you have posted, you see a list of radio buttons with a caption on the top: “selected articulation”. these are the keyswitched in that library