Vst Gui Shows Which Track It Belongs Too.

in the window title of a vst gui, how about it mentions which track it’s from.
this would help makes things less confusing when you have a few instances of the same VST in your song, with their GUIs open.

I dunno which track, since a vst can be on several. What annoyed me the most is that when you doubleclick a vst instrument that already has its gui open, that window does not get focus (on windows, title bar remains gray, doesnt turn to its activated color). This means if you have 3 vsti instances with gui open, it’s basically impossible to discern which instrument slot points to which.

An alternative could be a semitransparent “cord” from the instrument slot to the gui window.

That wouldn’t needlessly chew up cpu cycles at all :P

Actually it wouldn’t :P

How do you figure?

The only way that would chew up cycles would be if the developers were complete blithering idiots. That’s how i figure. You render that line once and let the GPU handle it from then on. Then you rerender if the windows change positions.

I’m not saying this needs doing, but saying a cord should be omitted because of CPU cycles is silly. It should be omitted because it’s not a good solution.