Vst Instrument Library

Hi, i dont know if i’ve asked this question before, but i dont seem to have gotten any suggestions that would help me with my problem anywhere.
or ive lost them. or there is no solution.

Now, i have vst-instruments (different free plugins) etc as many of you have,
im not rich enough to actually buy plugin’ses, i would have if i had afford to, but that’s another story.
and these free plugins i have, have lot’s of nice sounds. unfortunately when the library get’s too big there’s
no way i can find back to those nice sounds, i have to wade through alot of instruments, and on the way
i get tired, and my inspiration fades away, and i find just crappy sounds, because those sounds that is nice/perfect
for my tune is quite rare, and difficult to find. when have that nice idea in my mind for a tune, it just doesnt happen
because i have to wade through so many sounds.
also, i dont like to use each plugin’s own internal instrument library, not every plugin have one anyway, and that would be alot of work and time
for each one. so what i am out after is some plugin or tool (or if renoise have one i havent found yet) where i can
save preset for say bass sounds i like, or pads i like, or whatever. and then easily find back by just loading those when i want to work on a tune.
i tried writing down instruments on a piece of paper, but it didnt seem to work on the long run. too much work loading, and searching
for each plugin. however a nice “explorer”-like library inside renoise, with a few clicks just to find the instruments (loading the instrument-plugins
by the tool) i formerly thought was nice wouldve change everything.

Well Rydi, there’s no real easy way out. I mean you COULD just del. the presets which will limit the amound of shite you have to run through… there are ways to save presets that you like… You can always make a seperate folder like I do. What I do is take preset mapped vst patches and place them in an orginized folder where I put all my patches (or presets). For example. C: - USER - MUSIC - PRODUCTION - SAMPLES - PATCHES - then either melodic abrasive etc etc…

Hope this helps.



@ninja’s suggestion-DEFO THIS

Its ezz bruv,

Just save the presets you like to a special, designated folder and organise your sounds according to synth and purpose(ie bass, lead, pad, fx, etc).

Thats what I do after I have tweaked the sounds the way I like them.

I will say, just as some advice…the quicker you learn about sound design/synth programming the better.

Many of the sounds you are looking for can be programmed faster than it takes to wade thru presets…its a more direct method of creating the sounds you have in your head.

But trust me, I understand you…I still have to look for presets for certain layers in my tracks when inspiration is low :rolleyes:

in general, you can save VST presets as XRNI files and name them in a descriptive way, like for example “triangle lead VST FM8.xrns”