Vst Instruments And Effects

I created useful [to me] VST instruments & effects list in Word .doc and printed it as .pdf files.

You can grab it from this address [files are ~5 mb in size]:


I hope you`ll find this list useful to you too, as I ofter forget what I would need from a bunch of free and demo VST stuff. Orange and yellow coloured VST’s are marked as the best in the list. :]

Nice list =) Quite usueful actually. Would be even more useful if there was some info about if it was free VST’s and/or links to download pages to try them out.

Seem there are quite a few i never seen before so I’m defenetly going to download a couple of demos =)


I’m building back my VST folder, damn useful to me! Thanks! I hope you don’t mind I’ve posted your links at xrns blog? :)

Nice list. That NI Clivenizer2, what is that, I cant find any info about it?

seems to be a reaktor patch, judging from the screenshot.

feel free to spread it as far as you want. It is intented to help ppl with many VSTs installed :]