Vst Instruments "cutting Out" Unexpectedly During Playback/ren

Hello. Running Renoise 32-bit. Guess I should try 64-bit, but I’m having a problem with VST instruments just “cutting out” during playback and recording. At the next trigger point, they will come back in as normal again. Pretty frustrating. I’m ensuring not to use the same VST on different tracks (running different instances of the VST) and still, it’s a problem. Not hugely complex songs.

In this case this is happening on the Symphonic Collection (gold) of EastWest. Great library… terrible issue.

edit: you can hear some of it happening in here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/36612/temp/liftoff.mp3

have you tried if setting different buffer settings for your soundcard solves the audio black-outs? Or maybe it’s a ram memory thing?

Just tried opening EastWest in Renoise 64-bit (OSX) and it’s trying to use 32-bit mode. i’m thinking my version of PLAY is out-of-date, so I’m updating that now to see if that resolves the 64-bit issue with Renoise.

Is that buffer setting in Renoise, the plug-in, or at the OS level (i’m on OSX)

So I updated PLAY to the latest, and that let me run EastWest in Renoise in 64-bit mode. I increased the simultaneous instruments/noodled with some of the other settings in the plug-in itself and that appears to have helped a lot. Perhaps it is my soundcard choking under the load, since I’m just using the MB-Pro built-in audio device.

One of the things i sometimes forget is cranking up the amount of polyphonical voices for the plugin.
Another thing that resolved a lot of the cutouts is using an SSD drive for the sample libraries (Golden tip!). Ordinary harddrives can’t pull it with high loads (not even the SATAs).

Hello all…".i was searching on line for a solution for my problem and I came here…I have the same problem with my lap top
I use a different vst set up but is pretty much the same …once 2 or more track are being used my pc goes crazy…a 2 dual core
Computer is not enough to support the full power of a combinated sound …the CPU range goes out range and the sound just freezes
Or a popping and a crackling sound is heard
The recording software stop responding…I think to enjoy the full power of a very high quality of a vst sound you need a very…very powerful computer
…so how you guys dealing with this problem…??i tryed everything in the book…including an external hard drive …
thank you from Tony

http://www.renoise.com/tools/freeze-track , Render to sample, mute tracks that you are not working on (track state off!), lower the GUI frame-rate (GUI settings).
Need more?