Vst(kontakt) Filter Sweeps.

i cant figure this out…i was attempting to use the vst 90 effect to call upon the control number ‘10’ to begin a filter over my drum tracks.

what i have is 2 of the same drum intruments in kontakts rack…both the same except one of em has a lowpass filter applied to it so i can perform a filter sweep. now…what i have currently is 2 drum intruments both in midi channel 1.

how would i use a control change message to start and stop each of these samples, kontakt has the option to start a sample by control change triggers, and i believe i can turn the effect of by usign a renoise command right?

im fully aware on how to set kontakt up but i cant emplement the control changes correctly in renoise.

using em with my mpd 16, and i do know how 2 call upon control changes on my mpd.

also, anyone know if it would be possible to route my kontakt drums into a channel of 5-6 in kontakt and then apply a renoise filter at the dsp chain for filter sweeps…it would be allot easier than having 2 create multiple drum instruments just to perform 3 or 4 fitler sweeps…

I have no clue how kontakt works, but one thing strikes me… Why don’t you route the track to a send track in Renoise instead of to kontakt channels. Then select “keep source”, add a filter to the send track and both the filtered drums and the original ones will be played at the same time.

I’m in an hurry so I will answer to this question only at the moment:

in renoise 1.281 you can’t do this, because it does not support multitimbrality.
renoise 1.5 (currently under development) does support it, but does not support signal routing amongst different MIDI channels of a single instance, so I’m not sure you will be able to got this work anyway.

maybe this can be useful

good advice…works nice