Vst Like Midi Send Device

Any body know vst like renoise midi send device?
btw should be free)

the funny thing about your posts is, that I usually don’t get them.

you want a vst which sends midi? I don’t know if something like this exists. Maybe energyXT

yes i want vst for send)) midi to vst)

You want to transmit note data via a plugin? The following is possible

Renoise > VST Plugin that send midi (using non-host port) > Some other host / VST that can accept non-host port.

By non-host port, I mean the ports offered by your installed hardware and software. But this could be achieved using just the renoise midi instrument, so why bother? Unless there is something I don’t understand about your post.

Alternatively, it’s quite easy to build such a plugin using synthedit and Dave Haupts thirdparty modules (actually, someone might already have made such a plugin, so try posting a request on the KVR audio forums, people are generally very helpful there)

I think he meant to be able to send midi data to vst fx?

If you want to send midi notes etc using a vst plugin, you can use jthalamus.

I think these are called midi plugins ?! and you can currently only use them with energy inside renoise. (and there are a few cool ones around actually).

True. I forgot about that.

You usually will use another ‘host in a host’ for this scenario anyway. If not you would just use Renoise own midi out.

Midi Plugins simply don’t work in renoise at all, because you can’t reroute the output of a midi-vst to a midi-output in renoise. You can load them, but they don’t do anything useful.

If you want to use energy you load energyXT as instrument, insert a midi plug there and connect it to a “real” vsti.

As I tried to say :)

But here is also scenarios where you can load eXT as VST (for some weird reason) and from this vst send midi output to external hardware etc.

btw, I don’t think renoise can load midi plugins at all (?)

i want send midi command to vst not note.

Can you name me a few specific MIDI plugins that won’t do the trick?

Do you mean a VST-Effect ? I assume you mean a vocoder or something similar, but that’s currently not possible with renoise either …

for example i want send MIDI command to vst parameter.
how to do it without midi send device?)

what kind of midi-command ? the automation of a vst-effect is basically MIDI, you can use the MIDI-Mapping to control VST-Values with a MIDI-Keyboard, the only thing you can’t do is to send MIDI-Notes to a VST …

i know that my english is bad but. i will try discribe what i want

  1. I select instrument in my case its z3ta.
  2. Put midi cc-device to my track. And select General Midi. After this click in z3ta midi learn on some controller and start move some controller in midi cc device. After this it start control my selected controller in z3ta.

this vst should be as MIDI controoler but du it programly.

he i like renoise))))) i have done first part of my problem))

now i start using ableton and ableton dont support full automation for vst only first 128 controolers
but i can do it with renoise and ableton. in renoise i put midi send device and send midi via Midi YOke port.
but now i have other problem how to sync start, stop buttons?

You have to set either Renoise or Ableton as a master device and let it send the SPP and MIDI controls to the other application.

Pick another MIDI Yoke port in the Renoise Master preferences and leave all the options checked.
In Ableton you go to the setup where you can set the MIDI master/slave configuration (i don’t know ableton exactly but this information may be enough for you to figure it out, if anyone else could help out more specifically , be my guest) then pick as a MIDI-in device, the MIDI Yoke channel that you selected as MIDI-out in the Renoise Master configuration. Then take care that Ableton would accept SPP and MIDI controller data.

some thing wrong

in renoise setup midi in and midi clock slave to Midi Yoke 2

i see that in renoise SYNC Green ligth on/off (sorry forget correct word)) when ableton playing

in ableton i setup out midi yoke 2 press play and in midi ox i see next line
00000C26 2 – F2 00 00 – — Song Position Ptr
but renoise dont start playing

Does Ableton sends midicontrol data (start/stop)?
That is important as well…
Maybe you could get it to make it the other way round where Renoise is the master instead of the slave…

if renoise will be slave i cant render song as well

ableton send only song position as i understand
Opened MIDI Input
00004209 2 – F0 Buffer: 6 Bytes System Exclusive
SYSX: F0 7F 0D 06 02 F7
0000422B 2 – F2 00 00 – — Song Position Ptr
000058FD 2 – F0 Buffer: 6 Bytes System Exclusive
SYSX: F0 7F 0D 06 01 F7
0000666D 2 – F0 Buffer: 6 Bytes System Exclusive
SYSX: F0 7F 0D 06 02 F7
0000666D 2 – F2 00 00 – — Song Position Ptr
000068A8 2 – F0 Buffer: 6 Bytes System Exclusive

It what renoise write but ableton write only position song…