Vst Next/prev Program Keyboard Shortcut

I know that (thankfully!) Renoise is full of keyboard shortcuts, and that asking for more would be rude - but is there a way to assign a keyboard to Next/Previous Program in the VST Instrument box?

For people who use mainly VTS instruments, iI believe this would be very helpful.

Are you asking for a way to scroll through the available vsts in the Instrument section, or are you asking for a way to jump between vsti’s you have already loaded in the Sample Window?

I am talking about switching to the next program of the selected vsti (selected in the bottom vst instrument dialog).

If you see the “VST Instrument Properties” dialog, it is the third option from top - called Program (with arrows and a drop down list) - I would like to keyboard-control these arrows.

The renoise gui should become midi-learnable, right mouse click on gui-box / select midi-learn, twist midi-controller, and voilá…dreams and fondles bcr2000

midi-learn in renoise would be very nice

I would much, much rather see the MIDI being attached to keyboard shortcuts. Also, many of the features that would become MIDI mappable are not “clickable”.
For example, try to click on “jump 8 patterns forward” (it’s CTRL+pagedown) and you know what I mean…

OT: Most MIDI controllers come with a function for making program changes. So if you own a ‘real’ keyboard, all you’d have to make sure that the instrument you want is selected in the instrument table, and you should be able to change programs. But I know, it’s not the same as using the (PC) keyboard …

Are you talking about switching the presets ? If so, +1.