Vst Or Vsti Or Something Like Arrex

hello folks and creator off renosie. :)

since a long time ago i am looking in the internet for a vst or vsti or something similar that is able to control/write a bvh file.with other words.is a plug-in avaible that can control for example poser-figurs.
my idea is to find a plug-in that acts like “dancestation” formar from metacreation i think. with this programm it was possible to control a figur over the keyboard and let it dance. the whole keyboard moves the figur in 1000 variations like a real dancer. or you have the feature to let the figure dance to a loaded wave or mp3sounf.all moves could be recorded in a bvh-file. this was importable to poser an many other bvh-fileprogramms. the possibilty off renoise to create a sinlge track for each instrument/sound and compose a whole patternside could be the right platform to extend the features off it.

for example . a kickdrum let the left knee tip from the virtual dancer “tip” on the floor . with additional commands perhaps in the effectrow you can control more options off this "tip"preset. mmmh …i hope that somebody understand my idea.

with best reguards


I think you’re better off looking into Max/Msp & Jitter