Vst Parameters


First excuse for my poor English.

I use with renoise some VST instrument, for example “Acoustic Legend”, in the konkat2 player plugin (external editor of vst instrument), i have some parameters for the current instrument like “fretnoise”, “hi shelf”, etc…When i modify these parameters and then quit the external editor, save my song and quit renoise THEN if i reload the song, does renoise put the right parameter in the plugin ? Or this is the plugin which reload these parameters ? I don’t understand which save the parameters


the VST parameters settings are saved within the song (there is a standard way to save them which is stated by VST standard)

So there’s a probleme with renoise and konkakt player 2 because the parameters seems not to be saved.


I use Kontakt Player 2 for some Garritan libraries (Personal Orchestra, Stradivari Violin and Gofriller Cello) and never had this problem.

I use it with Acoustic legend for example. So where my problem come from ? I have no idea, thanks a lot.

do you want to save the changes of parameters (automation) or just the plugin in its actual state?
you’re using kontakt’s “external editor” a.k.a. the plugin interface…?!
(=>"…When i modify these parameters and then quit the external editor, save my song and quit renoise …")

i think you want to save automations, right?!
well than you have to use the Vsti- automation device, look here (scroll down): http://tutorials.renoise.com/?n=Renoise.MetaDevices

if not, please repeat your question.

Excuse for my english, i use the plugin interface and i want that the parameters i modify in the interface be saved with the song. I don’t know how renoise interact with the vst plugin

There’s a Save function in the plugin interface but this seems save nothing except instrument composition (multi)

I hope you understand my problem.


PS : note that some parameters have saved like parameter of the reverb (reverb in the pluging konkat player)

ah, i understand. well, this should be working.
check that you’re using the latest version…

http://support.vir2.com:8080/viewtopic.php?t=25 (login required)

and btw: welcome to the renoise- board.

Thanks a lot i’m going to see that.