Vst Pitchbending

I’ve loaded in a MIDI, assigned my VST (chip32) to it and everything works great

but one track however contains pitch bends.

All the notes that contain a pitchbend are shown on the tracker as OFF

What can I do to make it play them?

Is it because chip32 doesnt support pitch modulation or something?

please help :)

can you send the MIDI file to it-alien @ renoise dot com?

this looks more like a MIDI import bug to me.

If I get another midi file that is JUST the track that has the pitch bends in it, then delete the current track in renoise with the OFFs and import the new ‘single track MIDI’ in it’s place, maybe that might work…

I don’t know how to import a single midi track into an existing renoise project though (could someone tell me how to please!)

I’d rather not start from scratch though because I’ve got all my renoise stuff set up perfectly

I’ll mail you the midi if this doesnt work :)

Chip32 FTW!