Vst Plugins In Linux

I was wondering how can I use VST instruments and effects in Linux version. (I’ve heard there are various systems that use Wine, I’ve also tried some time ago but with no succes… :wacko: )
Wich is the best system to use with renoise in your opinion?
Anybody can help or post some links is welcome!
By the way, I work on Ubuntu 7.10.

an experienced Linux user has been contacted by me to create an hotwo document, and he should release it in a few.

in the meantime, you may find this page useful.

Well. I sure haven’t found it.
After a lot of googling, I realized fst wasn’t going to compile in a 64bit environment.

Installed 32bit ubuntu and added the ubuntustudio stuff. Some more googling, and it compiles and runs.
I.e. the plugs I tried, Firebird+, Synth1 and Dominator CM, starts fine, GUI and all, I could change knob-controlled parameters, and even switch presets from Renoise.

Alas, trying to change anything in the menus of the synths resulted in x window errors which crashed all three.
Some pages hints that earlier versions of Wine worked, but not which versions, and I’m not going to work my way through the older versions, to find out which one it is.

this is a good thing!

I’ve tried (to install) FST too, but I had troubles(I followed the instruction on the website and installed all the dependencies)… Maybe I’ll try again :D

Did you see this thread? Especially the part about adding -lpthread in Makefile?

Ubuntuforums thread on fst.

i am curious if using fst to get a windows vst effect running in linux.

does this mean that the effect is routed outside of renoise?
and if so, is there any way to route it back into renoise for rendering?

also, i just checked and it looks like linux-vst site has been suspended.

wonder what happened?

the howto document is available here