VST Plugins Running Out of Memory Issues


I have some issues regarding physical memory when working in Renoise.

I’m running athlon X2 on win XP with 3GB of RAM.
I’ve noticed that if I load for example a few instances of Stylus RMX or other VST that loads a lot of samples
to RAM (like Steinberg Grand Piano 2) I get GUI Errors. The plugins’ windows get out of control and then Renoise crashes. If not crash, when trying to save the songfile I get dialog “memory is getting low. free up some memory etc.”

Is the system really low on memory? Windows Task Manager shows me that still there’s over 1.5GB of free physical mem and Renoise.exe uses about 600MB of mem at this moment.

Anyone encouters the same problems?



have you set the /3GB switch in XP’s boot.ini ?

related info:

I tried to /3GB in boot.ini. Well, the problem remains but what’s interesting, after adding /3GB switch my UAD-1 won’t initialize. The UAD’s control panel shows ‘no card found’ :expressionless: