VST programmers?

Hello Renoise Community!

Been quite awhile since I posted anything, Either for my label or in general… Ive been busy, but I am calling out to find anyone who has developed VST plugins.

I am working on a hardware project I want to base around a tracking interface (maybe?*), currently I’m using Unity3D to make up a mock interface and have the hardware/software communication going. Really have had difficulties implementing VST.NET or JUCE and looking for some ideas or tips on how I could implement what I want.

Basically what I would like in the end is something like Overbridge from Elektron. A VST plugin, that interfaces with hardware. Im not opposed to being completely digital since it can always be extended with analog signal path after the fact. No need for direct audio through USB. (Still up in the air on midi in/out).

    • I’m not set in my ways and willing to move away from a tracker interface, just feel it would be easier to implement in a small screen interface on the hardware side.

Do you know this too:


Maybe it’s the same project you’ve even considered.

But it reveals

Midi Shape Shifter

Download the Midi Shape Shifter.

After that use ILSpy

(I’ve linked the resources so you just have to click to get them.)

When you start ILSpy, drag the




into ILSpy.

Et Voilá. You can watch how it’s done and got a framework to do your own stuff with sample code.

Note: You might want to select the top node (left side of ILSpy) of the DLL you’re disassembling.

And then just hit “File->Save Code…” and it creates a Visual Studio.NET C# Project for you.

Try RackAfX by Will Pirkle, he also got two books to go with it. Great stuff btw.

Synthedit is another VST builder software.

Max/MSP can be used for a lot of such stuff but regarding VST I suppose there are some 3rd party tools that bounce off the Max patches to a VST plugin.

Lots of math and code though so be prepared to have headaches.



Neither link works unless you use http instead of https.

Neither link works unless you use http instead of https.

Fixed it. Thanks for notifying.