Vst Questions

Hey guys, I’m really new to tracking and renoise, and I just had a question about using VST’s. I’m using a macbook, and right now all I have is the demo of renoise version 1.9.1, and I cant seem to load these VST’s I downloaded. I got the Peach, Toad, and Triforce plugins from http://tweakbench.com/instruments.php?id=9 , and the files are .dll , and I’m not sure how to open them. Any help for a beginner? Much appreciated.

So embarrassing. I feel like an idiot. SO obvious. I checked on the forum for any previous chiptunes posts, and there was one pointing to tonegen for mac users. Are there any actual Mac, chiptune VST’s though?




If you have an intel-mac, make sure the plug-in has the ying-yang symbol. Otherwise, it’s probably for G4/G5 machines only.

Also, Renoise 2.0 Beta supports Audito Units (AU). So you get more options if you register, or if wait around for the free demo in the coming weeks/months.

You asked for VST’s but the following link is not. They are single cycle periodic waveforms which can be used along with the Renoise’s draw feature. Its not free but there’s a demo. If you plan on using them, be careful of UHF (ultra high frequency) and complex waveforms. Also, after loading a single cycle waveform, set the Sample Properties to:
• Basenote = F-1
• Finetuning = + 23

Renoise 2.0 also has copy/paste options which you can mix (add) or modulate (multiply) waveforms for more complex or simple waveform processing.


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Thank you! I hate to do this, and be SUCH a beginner, but I’m using a macbook, not a pro, and there is no insert key. I’ve tried googling it, but I can’t seem to find any key combo that acts as the PC’s insert. Anyone know what to do?

This may or may not attend to your query but my advice is to:
• Get to know the limitations of your keyboard setup
• Figure out your preferred way to track with your keyboard
• Take advantage Renoise’s ability to reassign the keys

Taking time to re-assign keys or figuring out what keys do what is a good way to get to know the ins and outs of Renoise. I always keep in mind that I can always re-assign a key anytime as I track.

Sound advice. Thanks so much for the help guys.

…and save the keybindings as you change them, so you can backtrack to ones you like, delete ones you don’t like, etc…

So i just save in the program, or is there a specific way to save the keybindings?

In the Preferences > Keys

There’s options to load, save, reset, and print out your keybindings. I guess you can save the program, I just save the keybindings xml.