Vst Sampler Question

Hi everyone!

my turn with a stupid question:

I want a VST sampler on track 1, how do I make sure the notes on track 2 don’t trigger the sampler? Can I keep track 2 unassigned to the sampler?

What if I want to use a synth on track 2 for example, with the same notes as on track 1, how do I tell it to trigger the synth instead of the sampler?


Hi mate!

Well, in Renoise the sounds are not set to Tracks. They are set to instruments.

To change to a different sound (instrument), just click the instrument you want in the top right hand corner and edit away!

You can put as many different sounds on one track as you like.

Have a look in the manual at the structure of the notes on the pattern editor.

To summarise…

C-4 00

^this is note C-4 with instrument 00

C-4 01

^this is note C-4 with instrument 01

You can select this by changing instruments in the top right box (instrument list), or you can do it manually on the pattern editor.

Hope this helps.

Let us know if you have any more questions!

(and the manual is your friend! read it)

thanks mate!

been through the manual, it’s quite good, but you always miss some things you know

so each note in the pattern editor points to a particular instrument/ sample, like C-4 00 points to instrument 00… seems exactly what i needed to know!