VST Synth1 FM question

Maybe someone here have an idea. :slight_smile:
Why i cant reproduce this FM sound in Serum, Dune3 or even the new Vital?

It’s just two sawtooth Osc’s, where OSC2 is muted but modulates OSC1. And OSC2 is pitched down 60 semitones. You get a laser like sound.

It sounds like this, when you play C-3 in Renoise:

I cant reproduce this sound in Serum using the in build FM modulation, also not in Vital. In Dune3, you use the Matrix with audio rate modulation, but it sounds horrible.

I’m not sure what i’m missing here. Its pretty simple what i try to reproduce.

Sounds like a bug to me, if you are actually using two sawtooth waves? :laughing: Maybe a simple sine LFO on the pitch of one OSC would lead to similar results? Synth1 on macos is totally buggy.

Nope 2 Sawtooth, see screenshot. Even when you use Sine, you cant reproduce it. It seems 100% FM in Serum and Vital is not enough.

@ffx: Synth1 works pretty stable on windows and this kind of FM sounds very special to me. Using it with detuned saw and then with unison mode, yummy :smiley:
The example i’ve posted is just to show you the difference about this FM with other VSTi’s.

Sure sure, I also really like the sound of Synth1, and if you are a windows user, it might be still a good choice. Though its development has stopped. And I think you could reproduce this in Vital for sure.