Vst Synths, Effects. Processor Vs. Soundcard?

I’m currently still trying out Renoise, but i like it a lot. A thing that’s bugging me is the lack of multi threading support, but using VST synths and effects… Would i benefit from using an ASIO soundcard rather than the integrated soundcard on my laptop? and if so… how much? Would it take some stress of the processor? I cant seem to use many effects or vst synths att all, even though i have a 2.0 Ghz Core Duo.

With programs like Reason i can pretty much load as many effects as i want without even have to worry about the processor.

So what would add most to the performance using Renoise?

  • A faster Single core processor? or…
  • A good ASIO sound card?

And if you have any good suggestions of external soundcards to use with laptops through USB/Firewire, those suggestions are more than welcome =)

/ Cheers

A smart soundcard is the heart of ervery interested computer musician.
Nothing much to say. You`ll always benefit from a soundcard. You might want to refer to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ac97 for your onboard things.

I haven`t seen a 3 D skilled man using onboard graphics for rendering as well…so wth?

Thanks, but i’m just wondering wich would be a better investment. And i’m wondering if there is there any Soundcard where you will have an edge using VSTi and VST effects. To take some load of the processor.

Maybe i just need to tweak my workflow. Rendering the tracks after i built a melody rather than, playing all live with VSTi synths and effects.

But my guess is that actual “Hardware” synths, and keyboars are way better since they wont use much processing power at all =)

yeah pobably, but thinkl of the cable salad and the problem with it…and than you`ve also to get a samrt soundcard and esp. one which has got a lot of ins and outs. At least you have alwyas to create an Cd/ DVD or audiofile.

But a part of the answer to that argument (Reason seeimgly performing better than most other sequencers) which I’ve seen mentioned on more places than on the renoise-forum, is probably that Reason is a closed environment (no 3rd party instruments and effects) which gives the Propellerheads developers good basic conditions to tweak and refine the cpu-usage a lot more.

Thanks a lot for the info. I don’t know much about what music hardware there is out there. Usually i just settled with a standard sound card, and some keyboards, synths. I think i go ask some more in a music shop. I think they know what’s the best stuff to fill my needs.

But unfortunatly i probably have to spend around $2000 USD for some decent gear =(

A crappy internal soundcard and a 2ghz Pentium 4 is good enough for me, most of my tracks peak at around 70% CPU load when playing back in Renoise. If you’re getting crackling in the audio try increasing the latency.
Maybe theres just one particular plugin you’re using which is very greedy?

Also, if you’re using a PC - remember to terminate all the background processes which aren’t vital to audio such as print spooling, firewall, antivirus (no internet while tracking for me), and all the system tray ditritus bollocks that plagues the average PC user.

Run msconfig, have a look through the startup list and disable any shite you know you don’t need.

Never mind. Problem seemed to solve itself… the same song that was hitting 80% CPU usage before hardly uses 40 % now. No actual changes to the song or processes closed. No idea why and what was causing the high CPU usage. Could it be a bug?

I’ll invest in a better soundcard with ASIO support anyways, and hope for some multi threading support in coming versions.

(Edit: Nevermind, I recommended ASIO4ALL, but then I read that other thread of yours ;) )