Vst Tempo Sync

A lot of VSTs have effects that will sync to the host - delays or arps. At the speeds I’m using in Renoise, these will often play twice the speed I want them to.

Sometimes you can set the sync speed to half in the VST, but often you can’t. Is there a way to handle this without lowering the tempo in Renoise? (loosing resolution and making my patterns scroll super slow).

If you halve the tempo but double the LPB, the song will play at the same speed.

Additionally, as far as I can tell, native FX that rely on the speed of the song (e.g. LFOs) shouldn’t be affected by this, because they’re synced to the speed at which lines go past the cursor (all the ones I checked are).

I have tried this with the same results regarding host sync.

these types of solutions would be awesome to have in renoise.

Interesting, it worked on the few VSTs I tested (Glitch, a few TAL plugs). I guess it depends on the plugin.