Vst V2.3

i was wondering if the next version of renoise
will be compatible with vst v2.3 ??

at the moment i can’t use mackie traktion vst’s
nor sidechain vst effects, nor midi routes in
vst effects :(

I think it was mentioned on the frontpage that it will support it.

For my own interest. Sidechaining is not something that has to do with the VST capability but more with the way the host handles the routing of signals… right?

the midiroute stuff is based on v2.3-4 or so …

and well, i thought it’s because of v2.3 that sidechain comps ain’t working.
if that’s not the problem, ok … :)

but eh … madtracker updated to 2.3 and sidechain was possible.
i can’t remember anymore. has been too long ago.

correct me if i’m wrong …