Vst/vsti And Midi Trouble On Mac

Hi. I run renoise on Macbook(black) nowadays.

I cant open my waves filters (demo with that bloody Trojan that the company PAYS to get to people who tries their programs) and neither have i been able to open destroy fx filters (shareware) both for Mac.
Both are for Mac. I had no trouble like this on my PC version.

I recently got audiorealism baseline 2 running in 1.5 so it does not look totaly hopeless.

But takes me into the next question. How do i automate the filters in Baseline 2 or any other synth?

I have tried already to move around the knobs with my mouse with rec on (in renoise) but no data is recorded.

Also, is there any posibility of live-rendering one or more channels?

When i use my Faderfox DJ2 to write out various data in recmode(moving the knobs around) does a i get numbers that means that what i send in becomes translated into midi out data. Is there any way to get around that? I would love to be able to work more hands on with volume slides and such.

/ Thankfull for all the help i can posibly get.