does renoise support VST3 plugins? not too many of them yet, but i was going to buy some plugs from fabfilter, and they support VST3 - hence my question. i assume it is not yet implemented - any idea of the timeframe there? steinberg has released the SDK for it.


I hope the VST3 sdk is easier to use than VST one :P

The last VST format support update was to VST version 2.0.
Still there are various other specific things that do not work fine in Renoise if we speak about conjunctions of Effect and Instrument plugins.
(Like Vocaloid etc.)
But for the next Renoise update this is a good point if the Instruments section is getting the big overhaul.

can you be more specific?

Effect plugins that need a specific MIDI routing to a VST instrument plugin or vice versa.
Adding the VST fx alias can help if the fx requires MIDI notes but connecting a VSTI and FX plugin is still not possible.