Vsti And Shortcuts

Hi guys and girls!
again I have some dumb questions for you which I really hope you can help me with
so here go’s…

is it correct understood
that if I wanna use for example Halion and all the different programs (instruments) in Halion,
I have to make a copy of Halion to a new instrument slot in Renoise before I can see and use the Alias function?

An example of to much CPU would be great when I’m using to instruments in Halion its around 05.0%
is that OK?
an example would be great like… ??.?% is to much CPU
(i run with: buffersize 256 samples (5.8 msec)

Here is 2 more questions regarding basic stuff in Renoise
I Know it can be done with the mouse but i’m looking for shortcuts!!!

isn’t it possible to mark only some columns and then copy/paste it?
(for example: sub columns)

is there a shortcut for scrolling in the sub-folders for my instrument?
(the place for my samples when making a instrument in upper right corner of renoise)

Again I apologize for the weird questions and if its hard to understand what I mean.
please let me know…

thanks alot!!

PS.Big up to all trackers!! :D

  1. no, you don’t need to create multiple copies of a VSTin in order to use aliases, since aliases are actually the way to avoid making copies.
    the documentation explains the aliases concept here in the paragraph named “Using a VST Instrument Alias through channelling”

  2. “too much CPU” is used when you hear artifacts such as hiccups in audio. there is no standard magic number to define “too much”, but 05.0% is way low; you could experience problems when going over 60% in worst cases, while even having still good audio when CPU is at 90% of usage

  3. LCTRL+B and LCTRL+E can be used to define the Beginning and End of a selection. Move the cursor to the desired place and use CTRL+B/E to mark it as Begin/End. As far as I know, there is no shortcut to select a whole column; you can use LALT+T to select an entire track

  4. currently sample browser has no shortcuts available

thanks man!
you nailed it good.