Vsti Automation Of Spectrasonics Synths

I seem to have a problem…
I can use VSTi Automation Device thing for every other VSTI program, but it does not work with Athmosphere, Stylus, Trilogy…

Is this my problem or a general problem of 1.281 version?

If it’s my problem, what can i do to solve it?



You can control their knobs via midi cc device. Take a look to the manual, there’s a list of all the feature you can automate and their midi channel…

No, that’s not neccesary. You need to add a meta device that controls MIDI CC or VSTi sliders (VSTi Automate Device).

Look here in the manual for an explanation of these. These will then pop up in the automation and you can control anything… :)

For Spectrasonics synths only Midi cc device works to automate parameters (at least for me…) As Johan said, take a look at Renoise’s manual and learn how to use metadevices, then take your synth’s manual and check the “Midi CC chart” paragraph: there are the codes to automate every single feature of Spectrasonics’ products…

Cheers! :D Glad to help…

does stylus work in renoise? i can see the loops working, but does it work as a kit as well?

spectrasonics rawks!

yes it does, the only thing you can’t do is to import the groove control midi-files (yet).

thank you twilek. tested it yesterday, worked like a charm!
groovy :)

Does anybody know what’s the velocity slider for (in Stylus)?? I move it but nothing happens… ;)

From the manual:
“Controls the amount of Dynamic Sensitivity of the samples. Independent control for each zone is available.”

Try for example to put it to max and play with different initial key preassures on your MIDI-keyboard (the keyboard has to be velocity sensitive, with other words it will not work with the computer keyboard), then change it to a lower value and notice the difference.

I haven’t a MIDI keyboard, that’s why nothing happens…

So, how does renoise “recognizes” different dynamics of Stylus’samples?? Playing with Kontakt, for example, you can change samples’ velocity by working on their volume settings…

Renoise’ volume column is mapped to velocity for MIDI and all VSTi’s… should work the same for Stylus although I haven’t used it myself.

In addition, you can hit ‘Zone Edit’ on Stylus. When activated, you can tweak knobs realtime to automate a few bars for short filtersweeps, panning etc. It works like Korg Electribe’s motion sequence, for those familiar with the series. Give it a go, works a treat!

Hi guys, i just returned from overseas and found this post to see your answers. thanks for the answers, but i see you got me wrong

I know how to work with VSTiAutomateDevice, but the problem is, that this device works with some VSTi’s but does not work with spectrasonics products like Atmosphere, Trilogy, Stylus… simply all sliders are at 0 positions and i can’t move them at all, no matter if it’s 1st slider, or 50th :(

With the 1.27 version, VSTiAutomateDevice worked well with all VST instruments, but 1.281 version is bad…

I dunno if it’s just me and something happened on my side, or all of you have the same problem?